Happy Children’s Day?

So, I was really wanting to write something on Children’s Day about being a 90’s kid and how the world has changed and bringing back all my childhood memories back to life until I stumbled upon a post which read, “Delhi Man Allegedly Raped One-And-A-Half-Year-Old Neighbour.” My heart tears apart when I see what animals the human race has produced.

Children’s Day? Celebrating it on the face just for the sake of it has become a tradition now.

Children are no more safe, not walking on the roads, not going to school, not even playing in the society, NOWHERE! They are getting bullied, harassed and pressurised at every moment in their lives. Even in the best of homes they are constantly in a battle with themselves because of the pressures that society, their relatives, their friends, and the worst being, their parents put on them.

Their innocence is depleting slowly like the ozone layer but we’re actually doing something for the ozone layer though.

An eight year old is way too conscious about the technology he has cause peer pressure. A 14 year old is putting tons of makeup just to fit in. A 16 year old is having an eating disorder and she cries herself to sleep because she doesn’t look like other girls. An eighteen year old is mocked cause he’s still not fucked any girl yet. I’ve seen people talking about how they dream of insest and how it turns them on. We’re in a time now where fathers dream about fucking their daughters and brothers turning to their sister; vice versa to the other sex around.

Children, yours or not, are precious and they need love and care and all the happiness in this world. PROTECT THEM. LOVE THEM; cause they’re dying, and battling with themselves and thinking that everything’s their fault. It’s not! It’s us who made them, who raise them! Let’s be human again. This world really needs that.

I hope one day we’ll say Happy Children’s Day and not just for the sake of it but actually meaning it. 🌸


Welcome to my world. 🌸

Hey guys, so I’ve been wanting to start a blog for days now. So, today, I’ve finally gathered enough courage to do it; and I think nothing’s better than introducing ourselves to each other.

So, hey, I’m Rishikaa. I’m 18 years old and I’m studying in Chandigarh, India. I have shifted here from my hometown Rohtak and I’m still adjusting to the changes.

I’m a bibliophile, an over- thinker and I’m pretty much still finding myself. I write sometimes too. I’m a happy kid and bleh.

I’ll be writing about the new city, my life here, my experiences and more. Hope you shower me with your love and support.

Thank you for reading.

By the way, where are you from? Let’s know each other!

I hope to see you here! ♥️

🌸 Love Love 🌸


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